August 8, 2011

Good Little Wife Gets City Girl Stuck in the Burbs

I'm a city girl, but I'm also a good wife.  My husband actually says the best, and as cooperative as I’ve been, I don’t disagree.  So I was agreeable when he said we had to move to the burbs.  I wasn't all that happy about it, but I agreed.  

It wasn't all that bad when we first moved.  Hubby was conceiving a new business start-up and was home almost all the time.  We had fun together, worked together and played together for months. Boy did we play together.  He was working ungodly hours, but he was around, at least.

The business he had owned for almost 25 years was wiped out because of the collapse of the housing market, so I was glad to see him getting back at it.  Then his conception started turning into reality.  The 80 hour weeks became 90, then 100.  No more play time.  No more see time, really.

I was going to say that I'm still the agreeable, sweet little wife.  But I honestly can't.  To be honest, the burbs were okay when we were together all the time.  Now I'm alone almost all the time and I realize I don't like the burbs.  I'm not exactly the Garden Club  or PTA kind of housewife and there's nothing out here that holds my interest - everything and everywhere seems like long distance.

I want to be a good girl, but every day is a reminder of why I hate driving.  He really should realize that before he came along, I never even drove myself anywhere.  It seemed I never lacked for male volunteers who were always more than anxious to drive me anywhere I needed to go; and that was in the city where everything was close.  Now I'm in the burbs and I’m bored and I have to drive myself!  

But, I'll keep being the sweet little wife.  I’m always the sweet little wife.  I'll start writing these blog posts.  Maybe expressing myself will be good for me.  And, I always have another 8,000 photos I haven't shared yet.

Please comment so I have something to do.


  1. Anonymous8/08/2011

    you are sweet (funny) little wife . Interesting interesting . please keep posting about your self. city girl in burbs! whats a lovely combination ! your story remind me of " desperate housewives LOL" . thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8/08/2011

    great to hear from you

  3. Great to hear from you . you are sexy little (funny)wife . interesting interesting . city girl in burbs ! what an amazing combination ! you remind me somehow of " desperate housewives " LOL. again, its great to know the personality behind that stunning beauty. please more and more, tell us more and let us see more please . you are great pretty gorgeous woman .best regards

  4. Question : how did u manage to have such perfect body ? and what you like and dislike ? have u ever had any naughty adventures ? i know many questions but i really want to discover the life of the Goddess of beauty , the most beautiful wife ever.

  5. Its wonderful, you little wife , that your job is " beauty " .. your life is " beauty " .. your career is " beauty " .. and that is exactly what the Goddesses of beauty do !! You should not be bored because you have the best thing ever which is " beauty " ! I wonder what your lucky neighbours say when they see you ? m sure they thank God because he sent Goddess to there city . M sure they say : our street was boring and now its full of life !

  6. still waiting, eagerly and on fire, for more news and details about your life and great personality . and i will always be waiting for every new photo of the most gorgeous woman in the world.


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